Both avid Outdoor enthusiast the Nallick brothers, blue collar guys from Florida who worked most of their life in the oil and gas industry, Chris also owned a fabrication company building Water Transfer Printing Equipment.  Eventually Chris decided to make camouflage patterns to sell in film along with the equipment they built. What he didn’t expect was the interest in his patterns for the hunting industry. Both brothers enjoyed hunting, fishing, and just about everything to do with the outdoors so it came to no surprise to Ronnie when Chris had the idea to take the patterns to market in apparel for the hunting industry.


In 2014 Ronnie decided to get on-board with his brothers venture and Element Outdoors was formed. Knowing it was going to be a major task to win people over that are loyal to the larger brands, they set to create something different, something new, that the working man could afford, but have the quality and features of the higher end brands. They wanted Element Outdoors to be not only a camouflage clothing company, but a brand that encompasses the lifestyle of the outdoor enthusiast.


With Element Outdoors getting traction and the guys spread thin, good friend Ted Fowler answered the call! Ted joined EO in 2016 to help establish the needed dealer base and help Chris implement features into the new line of apparel. Building a reputable construction business from the ground up Ted knew the value of hard work. He was up for the challenge, but like the Nallick boys didn’t have a clue what he was signing on for, with perseverance the entire crew evolved and grew with EO to become a true competitor in the outdoor industry!


At Element Outdoors we focus on Affordability, Quality, Function, and Customer Satisfaction. We’re not building a brand, were creating a lifestyle! We live by a motto “Anyone will allow you to sell to them once, but if you build a brand that people can relate to, where they can feel like part of something, that’s how you grow in the outdoor industry”